Book I. 1
By Humbug | Published January 7, 2013

Hi, welcome to Tales of Pylea. I’m Chris, the new writer.

As some of you may know, this is the comic’s second reboot and hopefully, the last.

Humbug and I are quite excited at the potential of this new Tale and rest assured, it is filled with visceral action, ambitious immortals and boundless lechery!

Well, Humbug and I’ve been mates for about 4 years now and I still remember the day I found out the original ToP was her work.

So as luck would have it, she asked for my assistance and as I’d some meagre experience as a writer working in narrative and dialogue for computer games, I was happy to oblige.

Firstly, because I’d always wanted to write a fantasy story, but my own questionable attention span made such an endeavour difficult, if not impossible. Humbug however, negates this hurdle with a kind word and a liberally-applied cattle-prod.

Secondly I am by nature extremely verbose and long-winded (and upon reviewing this post I would like to point out how that last statement exemplifies that) and as a result I tend to ramble. A lot. In fact it is taking a supreme force of will for me to not prattle about everything from my hobbies to what I have eaten for dinner. Aspergers is a bit of a bugger that way.

…What was my point again? Ah, yes.

My dialogue can be bloody wordy and humbug is excellent at helping me to condense it.

Thirdly, as an inwardly lecherous (although terribly repressed) individual I have difficulty saying no to women.

So yes, I am going to stop rambling now because it is past midnight and humbug is going to kill me if she does not get enough sleep.

Enjoy the comic!