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By Humbug | Published January 27, 2017

Hi everyone, welcome to Par’Dis, a (for now) one-shot look into a different nation in the world of Pylea!

Par’Dis was originally an idea for a story that I’d worked on in my spare time over the last four years and in 2013,

I drafted a script and commissioned Marcus, one of our local talents, to draw up its first issue.

When I was first planning to find a home for the comic, Humbug was kind enough to offer a place and since I’m the writer

for both Par’Dis and Tales of Pylea, I found that with some minor tweaking both could easily coexist within the same world.

After all, the comic is called TALES of Pylea, so it made sense to tell another story taking place across the ocean.

So once again, welcome and enjoy as we bring you another pylean tale; that of a city’s guardian and his daily struggles

with human nature, corrupt nobility and mass-murdering lunatics with a flair for the dramatic!

I present to you the culmination of a dream brought to life…

Par’Dis: Only Human