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I know I've been neglecting my site as of late, other than the very occasional updates of LTHB, I noticed that the last Crux update was 6 months ago. I'd like to get Crux back to its usual monthly update, and put up a new LTHB every week. Or at least until I run out of script. Maybe then it'll actually get Matt to write. As for the status of ToP.... I'll get back to you on that. It's not dead in the water, promise!

If nothing else, I hope to have some material for the blog, I've already got a little something I'd like to show you guys, hopefully in the next week or two. Stay tuned!


Well, looks like the new WordPress is set up and the comics have been properly moved over, thanks to my good coder friend who set it all up. 😀 If anything looks broke, please let me know, I haven't checked every single page, but it looks fine from the admin.

I'm still trying to figure out how to work the multisite function so each comic will actually be in its own subdomain rather than the redirect method I'm currently using. Really hate those ugly-ass urls the "subdomains"; are sporting at the moment, but at least the blog is up on the main site. Now I can post news and some other non-comic stuff I'd like to share, mostly new art projects I'm working on.

Also, Heavy Cat Multimedia, the company I freelance for, is doing a Kickstarter for a project I'm involved in. Please help contribute! (I did the art >_>)

Ladystar Kickstarter

Website layout still needs to be worked on. Images are just a placeholder for now.